Butter Mochi Muffins

People have raved about these mochi muffins for years now, I’ve made them for many a potluck and family gathering. This is a long awaited recipe – super simple and easy to make, and very forgiving in terms of substitutions! 

If you do decide to make these with this recipe, I’d love to see how they turned out! Feel free to tag @janiceachan or @eatingwithjanice with your results. 

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Shout out to my friend Christine for taking photos of me almost 1-2 years ago for this recipe post. Most of the ingredients you can get on Amazon, since we can’t go outside right now.

I’ve linked to the items in the recipe below. If you use the link I’ll get a small commission (thanks!)

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Tips For Success

What if I don’t have a muffin tin?

You can make this in any dark baking container, just be sure to watch it and make sure it’s turning golden brown, times may vary for various containers.

Where can I find Mochiko Sweet Rice flour online?

Amazon sells it for $13.88, for a two pack! You can find it here.

What if I don’t want to make 24 muffins?

You can make mochi waffles with the same batter if you have a waffle maker! I haven’t tried pancakes but that might work too!

Anything else that will help me?

  • Be sure to bring the egg/milk to room temperature. This gives the cake more mochi chewiness.
  • Butter will explode in the microwave, especially if you put a whole stick in at high heat. I usually cut the butter up and melt it in 10-20 second increments in those slices. And I pour it into the mixing bowl as I go along. Safer that way!
  • You could add 1 whole stick of butter and there wouldn’t be a big difference in this recipe. Ultimately ¼ tasted best to me but I’ve done ½ to 1 whole stick in the past too.
  • Usually I add any food paste or matcha to the batter after all the other steps, so mix the milk in, before you bake, fold in your add ins!

Butter Mochi Muffins Recipe

  • Servings: 24
  • Difficulty: medium
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Wet Ingredients

Dry Ingredients


  • Hand Mixer (Optional – You can do this manually with a whisk)
  • Large Bowl (I use my Instant Pot Bowl!)
  • Spatula
  • Dark Muffin Tin (This one is 24 ct and the one I use)
  • Measuring Cup
  • Measuring Spoons

Create the Mochi Muffin Batter

  1. Melt ¼ c butter in the microwave. Combine melted butter, coconut cream, vanilla extract and condensed creamer in a mixing bowl. (All wet ingredients aside from the eggs/milk) Mix well.
  2. Slowly add in one egg at a time while you mix. 
  3. To the same bowl, add in the sweet rice flour, dark brown sugar, baking powder and salt. Keep mixing!
  4. Slowly add in the milk to the batter, you may not need the full cup, it should be a pancake batter-like consistency at this point!
  5. At this point if you have any kind of additional flavoring, like ube paste – add that in!

Baking Tips and Tricks

  1. I’d recommend letting the batter rest for 15-20 minutes (or a few hours) to achieve that extra chewy texture. 
  2. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees fahrenheit.
  3. Liberally butter the muffin tin, you want to use a LOT of butter to prevent sticking. This recipe makes 24 mochi muffins so if you have two, you could butter them both!
  4.  You can lightly dust the buttered pan with sugar or corn meal so that they pop out a little easier, too, at this step. 
  5. Fill each cup with about ¼ -½ cup of batter (they rise a bit).
  6. Sprinkle each cup with a little bit of sesame seeds.
  7. It’s ready to go! Bake for 45 minutes to one hour on the middle rack of the oven. I would check on them around 30-35 minutes to make sure they’re looking good.
  8. When they’re golden brown, take them out. 
  9. Let them cool for 5-10 minutes to form ultimate crispiness and then eat them up!

Reheating & Storage

  • To reheat, preheat the oven to 350 again and pop them in for 10-15 minutes. They taste even better reheated the next day!
  • These keep really well in a sealed container in the fridge, probably up to a week or two. 

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Recipe Substitutions (Vegan-Friendly)

I’ve always subbed whatever I have on hand – I’ll note the substitutions here, it’ll change the recipe a little bit but use whatever you have! It’ll be fine. 

  • Vegan option for butter – coconut oil in the same quantity will do the trick. 
  • If you can’t find coconut cream/condensed creamer –   sub coconut milk and condensed milk. It’s a little less creamy, as the name suggests, but works fine. Try to find one with a higher fat content, not light coconut milk – that will change the recipe pretty drastically. The fattiness of coconut cream gives a crunchy exterior to the muffins. Without it, it may be a little less crisp, but still great tasting!
  • Vegan/lactose option for milk – I would use almond milk or more coconut milk. I’ve used both and the recipe doesn’t change drastically. 
  • Vegan option for egg – use applesauce or a flax egg in place of the large eggs. Haven’t tried this but have tried applesauce in other baking related recipes with no issue! 
  • Any type of sugar will also work – dark brown gives a more nutty flavor but white works too.
  • This is a base recipe. I’ve added in ube paste, or ube coloring, or pandan paste. I’ve also made blueberry mochi “muffins” for my parents because my dad loves blueberry muffins. That’s been great too! Feel free to add anything you’d like!
  • If you’ve run out of butter, feel free to use PAM nonstick spray or the coconut oil to coat the muffin tin. This will result in less crispy mochi but the taste will still be the same!

Photos of the Process

Mochi Muffin Recipe Post-02

Some condensed creamer/coconut cream options, along with the mochiko flour.

Mochi Muffin Recipe Post-05
Mochi Muffin Recipe Post-04

Adding the dry ingredients in and mixing together!

Mochi Muffin Recipe Post-08
Mochi Muffin Recipe Post-15

Added ube coloring into this batch.

Mochi Muffin Recipe Post-18
Mochi Muffin Recipe Post-23

Don’t forget this step either! The crunch of the sesame seed is so good.

Mochi Muffin Recipe Post-24
Mochi Muffin Recipe Post-28

The finished result!

Mochi Muffin Recipe Post-25

Hope you get to try this recipe and that you’re safe and sound during this time.

Thanks for taking a break, stay safe xx

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8 responses to “Butter Mochi Muffins”

  1. Hi Janice! This looks great, I’m going to make it myself soon! Is it possible to halve this recipe? I have only a single 12 piece muffin pan but this recipe makes 24. Also, if it is possible to halve it would you recommend I go with 1 or 2 eggs since I’m not sure how you’d split 3 eggs in half?

    • Hi Katherine! Awesome, so excited for you to try it!
      I haven’t actually tried to halve it but I think it would be fine. I’d recommend two eggs over one, personally. Let me know how it goes! Good luck!

  2. Mine didn’t come out purple like yours. What did you put it in there to enhance the purple color?

    • I put it in the optional ingredients, the purple color is from using ube (purple yam) paste! You can find it at asian grocery stores and sometimes regular ones too!

      • Hmm I put in the 1 teaspoon ube paste (actually used jam because couldn’t find paste) but that didn’t do much to the color or flavor. Should it be more than 1 teaspoon? Thank you!

      • If it’s jam, I would add more since the paste tends to be more concentrated! I’ve never tried it with ube jam, but my friends have from my recipe! It definitely does come out lighter! You can probably add a tablespoon to see if that brings up the color more for you! Good luck! 🙂

  3. Hi Janice,

    I baked mine in a mini muffin tin for 30-35 min. They did not baked flat like yours. Advice please 🙂

    • Hi Diane!

      I have tried doing it in a mini muffin tin in the past and they cook much faster! I would bake them for less time – or use a normal sized muffin tin! Let me know how it goes!

      – Janice

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