Running Shorts Review: Janji 6″ Pace Shorts

Janji is a running brand from Boston that draws inspirations and artists from around the world. Each collection they drop is a limited run and 2% of proceeds from every Janji purchase go toward clean water projects in the countries that inspire the collection. The pace shorts I’m reviewing here are from their Philippines ’20 run.

They’re one of my favorite running brands because of what they stand for and because the pieces they create for women are some of the best I’ve worn! It’s all in the little details, like pockets so you don’t have to run with a pack or hold your phone.

TL;DR I am a total fangirl for Janji. Read on for my review of the 6″ Pace Shorts, aka my favorite running shorts to date!

Janji has released 3” and 4″ shorts in the past, but the 6″ pace shorts are my absolute favorite shorts in their collection. They’re perfect for summer because they are just as comfortable and figure-flattering as leggings, but with the added benefit of being able to feel the breeze on your legs! Most importantly, they don’t fall or ride up when you run, no adjustments needed at all!

Photos Taken By: Me

My Stats: 5’3” (Petite), 160 lb – Athletic Curvy Build

Wearing: Janji 6″ Pace Shorts in Flora Orchid, Size L


77% Polyester, 23% Lycra

Sizing & Fit

My personal assessment is that they run true to size.

A lot of people on review sites sized up one size and said that they ran smaller than normal Janji gear, since most Janji clothes, at least in my experience, run true to size.

I ended up ordering the Pacific Blue in medium and the Flora Orchid in large. The medium fits snug, but I prefer the fit of the medium over the large. The size difference between the two is minimal and I can wear both pretty comfortably. They don’t stretch out much and the colors are very bright, so if you’re between sizes and would rather go for comfort and a little more room in the stomach area, I’d size up. Size up also if you have thicker quads – for comfort!

The shorts material is about the same thickness as their leggings, perhaps a little thicker. There’s a drawstring cord on the wide waistband and silicone grippers on the hem of the shorts to keep everything in place while you run.

It’s The Little Things

Back Phone Pocket: The back phone pocket design is almost flawless. You can hold an iPhone 11 Pro with a thin case with no issue, and no bounce. The double fold style of this pocket takes a little getting used to, but once you get your phone, or maybe energy gel, in there, it’s staying put with absolutely no bounce when you’re running – and since there isn’t a zipper in the way, nothing is going to snag your clothes or get in the way of your stretching too.

I do worry about the pocket in the long run and if it’ll stretch out, but I’ll update on that if it does!

Front Key Pocket: In addition to the phone pocket, there’s a handy front key pocket. Capacity wise, it’s just big enough for a car key and that’s about it.


Everything stays put when I run and the silicone grips on the legs are rock solid – the waistband also doesn’t roll down, everything stays where it should! Most importantly, I don’t get any kind of wedgie or riding up that would cause me to stop running and need to adjust the shorts.

It’s so hard to find a pair of compression running pants that don’t fall down OR ride up – Janji’s really working miracles here. The 6″ length is perfect for no chafing between thighs. These are great for running, biking, yoga and hiking.


I actually ended up getting the Paprika and Pacific too, as I said earlier – the Flora Orchid is still my favorite colorway though because it does a much better job of hiding lumps and bumps than the solid colors. Someone asked me if these show any sweat too. I’m happy to report that they don’t! I think on the Paprika if I sweat a LOT it’ll show up but not terribly so and it’s not super noticeable. I think the Pacific and Flora Orchid are more flattering on my body, the Paprika is just as bright in person as it is online and it’s a little overwhelming. I usually wear that one under dresses/hide it under longer shirts.

I’ve worn and washed these shorts so many times and they haven’t stretched out or lost any color. The design is obviously beautiful but WOW it’s vibrant in person. Even more vibrant than the photos online.

Overall, appearance is great – the 6″ length is perfect for petite and tall people alike, they’re just long enough that they don’t cut off my legs and make me look super short! If you’re only going to get one pair, the Flora Orchid is probably the prettiest of the bunch to me! But they’re all great colors. Hopefully in the fall they’ll come out with Midnight colored pace shorts too – a nice black pair with the Janji wave on the back sounds amazing!


I would love if they had side pockets in addition to the back pocket – the way that the running leggings do. I know that’s a lot of extra fabric but it’d be amazing to have even more pockets to work with!

My praise is mostly glowing though, I absolutely love these shorts. These are my favorite exercise shorts of all time right now. The material is comfortable and I love the compression and fit.

How to Get Them

You can find them on Janji’s store, they do free shipping and free returns. REI also has them in stock now, along with Marathon sports. Your best bet is the Janji store though, it’ll have more stock and updated items.

If you have any specific questions about these shorts or additional bike shorts I tested for running, drop me a line on Instagram or comment here, I’d be happy to chat!

Thanks for taking a break xx

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