How This Vegan Donut Shop is Changing the Game in Southside Park: Doughbot Food Review

Donut stacked tower with three donuts
From Bottom to Top: Everything Cream Cheese Bagel Donut, The Dude & PB&J Malasada

Donut fans rejoice! A new(ish) donut spot is joining the Sacramento food scene and it’s a familiar face – Doughbot is back for more in Southside Park! 

I never tried the former Doughbot back in the day, so I was so excited to get the chance to give this new one a try! These are some of the tastiest and unique donuts I’ve tried in Sacramento! Pastry chef @aliclevenger brings her 15+ years of pastry expertise with farm-fresh pastries like the mushroom char siu bao & the blueberry earl grey donut! Plus, their base dough in all their pastries is vegan and they’re working to make more vegan donuts in the future! 

Below you’ll find a food review and ranking of the donuts I tasted at their private launch party. I decided to rank the vegan and non-vegan ones separately, but I do have an overall top three that you should try if you go! 

Menu details
The menu for the private launch party
People working
Doughbot team in action

Table of Contents

Strawberry Shortcake Donut
“The Dude” Malasada

Vegan Pastry Ranking

Blueberry Earl Grey Cake Donut – The chef said she loved how the floral bergamot flavors pair so beautifully with the blueberry and I totally agree. The texture of this cake donut was excellent, too + they included little pieces of blueberry inside the dough!

Strawberry Shortcake Raised Donut – Strawberry Shortcake flavored with fresh strawberries in the icing.

PB&J Malasada – PB outside, jelly on the inside. A great classic.

The Dude Malasada – So chocolatey, but a little dry IMO! It was my least favorite out of the bunch.

Egg sandwich cut open facing forward
The Egg Sando

Non-Vegan Pastry Ranking

 Everything Cream Cheese Bagel Donut – A beautiful stuffed donut. The cream cheese had plenty of chives and the donut itself was packed with everything bagel seasoning. 10/10.

Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie – Wasn’t expecting much from this cookie so saved it for the end. It was probably my second favorite thing, so warm and gooey!

The Egg Sando – Classic, can’t go wrong + best served warm! This was the first item I tried and I was impressed with how they kept the egg light and fluffy instead of your usual rubbery scrambled eggs.

Mushroom Char Siu Bao – Suuuper five-spice heavy! I liked the meatiness of the mushroom in this bao but was glad I split this one with my partner, the spices got to be a little overwhelming toward the end. It seems like it’s necessary for the spice heaviness, since it’s meatless the five spice helps you identify it as a “char siu” style bao versus just another bao IMO.

Drinks Ranking

Chai Slushie with Espresso – This slushie was surprisingly smooth and rich. They use Naked Coffee beans for their espresso and I enjoyed every sip of this with the sweet donuts!

Boozy Watermelon Slushie – So refreshing, tasted entirely like watermelon juice without any booze, which is a little dangerous, in a good way. I love anything watermelon so this was a great treat!

Front facing picture of a donut facing upward with cream cheese filling

Standouts aka What to Get

The Everything Cream Cheese Bagel Donut – so light and fluffy + the perfect amount of cream cheese to dough ratio. 

The Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie – it’s a melt in your mouth cookie with just a little sea salt on top to finish off the perfect bite! 

Blueberry Earl Grey Donut – I’m a sucker for a good floral pastry and this one knocked my socks off. It was so rich in flavor and the bites of fresh blueberry inside were a great touch.

Doughbot’s soft opening will be on Tuesday, August 2nd, 7 AM – 2 PM


Picture of a donut facing upward with cream cheese filling inside plus donuts scattered around
Robot looking upward and doughbot text underneath

🌐 Doughbot
📍: 2030 10th St, Sacramento, CA 95818
📞: (916) 832-9719
💸: $5-7 for donuts, pastries & coffee
⏰: Soft opening – Tuesday, Aug 2nd, 7-2 PM

Looking for more? Visit my Instagram for more food reviews and videos! Tag me #eatingwithjanice if you go and try anything, I’d love to see your review too!

Text: Come with me to doughbot donuts! Visiting the newest donut spot in sacramento

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