HKR International Limited


Marketing Assistant

Ad Campaigner

Contract Liaison

Building Maintenance Manager

Skills Used:

Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)

Sales Presentation


Presentation Design

Property Research and Organization

Property Advertisement

Chinese Translation Support

Contract Negotiation

Building Management


I worked as the Marketing Assistant to the Properties Manager at HKR International. The Properties Manager had just been tasked with promoting a new skyscraper property in the Changning District. The property was located right in the heart of Zhongshan Park in Shanghai. I created branded advertising flyers and emails to send out to potential interested parties, in both Chinese and English. I met with potential clients for apartment rentals and helped translate and contract negotiate between parties. I really enjoyed meeting the foreign tenants and translating for the properties manager. There are so many expatriates in Shanghai and the opportunity to exercise both my Chinese and English communication skills in a professional setting was exciting!

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