Training Lead & Inventory Management at UC Davis IET

24 Computer Labs

20,000 Clients

10 Training Classes


Project Manager

Training Class Lead

Inventory Supply Manager

Skills Used:

Public Speaking

UCD Buy for Inventory Order

Internal UCD CLM Software Reservation System

Microsoft Office Suite (Outlook, Excel, Publisher and Word)

Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator)

Google Office Suite (Gmail, Calendar, Sheets and Docs)

Apple iMovie


I’m an organization geek and I loved both the roles I had at Computer Lab Management at UC Davis. As a training class manager I created three to four technical training classes per quarter ranging in topics from Advanced Adobe InDesign to Resume Building for Beginners – this required close coordination and auditing of training classes to find the optimal time and content for classes. After selecting courses and coordinating times, I created promotional videos and emails marketing the class to employees. I also taught a few classes, including an Intro to iMovie class.

As inventory supplies manager I utilized Microsoft Excel to streamline the process of inventory ordering for 24 computer labs used by more than 20,000 faculty and students yearly. On a monthly basis, we ordered more than 1,000+ supplies for all the computer labs on campus and it was my job to facilitate getting the orders out to their respective labs on campus. These roles allowed me to make changes to an existing system for even more efficiency and honed my project management skills.

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